Anti-Racist Classroom Libraries

Distribution for Pre-K to 2nd Grade Teachers

In Spring of 2021, we were able to distribute 25 classroom libraries to 25 Pre-K to 2nd grade Philadelphia public school teachers.

The titles included:

  • The Day You Begin by Jacquline Woodson

  • Fry Bread by Kevin Noble Maillard

  • If Dominican Were a Color by Sili Recio

  • Rainbow Revolutionaries by Sarah Prager

  • Listening to My Body by Gabi Garcia

  • Black is a Rainbow Color by Angela Joy

  • Your Name is a Song by Jamilah Thomkins-Bigelow

  • IntersectionAllies: We Make Room for All by Chelsea Johnson, LaToya Council, and Carolyn Choi

  • Hair Love by Matthew A. Cherry

  • Something Happened in Our Town by Marianne Celano